Universal Women’s Empowerment

This federal election will turn things upside down for women, finally, according to minister of finance Izzy Bout-time.  Turning the tables on bias, discrimination and negative stereotypes of women has long been the goal of this government says Minister of Gender Equality,  E. Quill.

So this year an announcement has been made to provide $30 billion over five years to recognize at last the vital role played traditionally by women as caregivers of the young.

The ground breaking way to value it is to make sure women can escape it.  The funding will go directly to daycare facilities to make sure that mothers are not bothered by the nasty irritation of having money they must decide how to use.

Bout-time says this marks a full push on for the feminist liberation, that now women can do anything they want in the world, except be a mom at home.They can be all they be, with pay equity, sick pay, pensions, dignity, except moms at home.

They can have a wide range of choices now, of not just whether to have children but how to raise them. This choice will also be provided by the NDP, Greens, Bloc and the Conservatives, so that there is a space for a child at the state run daycare, sitting there baskimg in the sunlight, staffed and ready , in case the child needs it, and there will be such centres anywhere in the country.
With tears in her eyes, Quill alluded to the invention of the Model T. Ford as parallel – provided in any color customers wanted, , as long as it was black.

All parties agree that this daycare space will be provided at taxpayer expense. Those who would like to have a grandma tend the child, a dad or mom taking turns with the kids, a parent who does paid work from home or hires a nanny, even those who use a neighborhood private dayhome will not be bothered with getting any money because the money will go directly to the state run daycare.  And the ones who don’t use it will fund it too because as Quill says, we’re all in this together.

Finally women will be empowered to deal with the reality that they need money to buy diapers and that the only way to get that money is to put the child in the care of a trusted state employee. All political parties speak glowingly of the care sector, of the vital work involved in raising the young, helping them reach their full potential, teaching them language skills, monitoring their health and sending them home immediately if they are sick. In this way the home can be empty most days and women will finally be able to pay taxes to reduce this huge bill government incurred during the pandemic.

Women  have to leave their kids to do that, and that is a condition of it, but this is women’s empowerment It’s allabout equality says Quill. By their plan, fathers will be nudged to do time tending the newborn also,  with funding on a use -ir-or-lose it model, Men have to take it and moms can’t.  So this allows free choice there too.

This election is all about women’s rights, and if they are being wronged by this rights push.

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