Universal spousal education and care

Universal Spousal Education and Care

Finally the prime minister is considering something appealing not appalling- a universal system to fill the void in spousal care in this nation.  A universal $10 a day spousal care program is on the way.

For many years men and women have been stressed to the limit not able to figure out how both to do paid work and provide loving care of each other – and finally spousal-care institutions have made their voices heard. We will soon see an expansion of the current centers-of-excellence in spousal care, to every part of this great country, with 24-7 care for your spouse while you are at work or away on business trips and at a super low cost of $10 a day.

Studies show that spouses benefit from good nutrition and the spousal care facility provides high quality meals several times a day with frequent kitchen inspections. Studies show that loneliness is a major health problem in society and spousal care facilities ensure your spouse will receive social exposure and enhanced socialization skill development, meeting with peers, going on field trips and taking exercise classes.

Trained staff will provide singing and dance activities featuring songs popular with each age group and large-group play activities with clay and paint. 

In this way your spouse can be assured great care by trained professionals. The caregiver to spouse ratio is kept very low to ensure that any whimpers of separation anxiety from you are cleverly handled.  Those are angry, frustrated, desperate to see their real spouse again are lovingly accepted into discussion groups and given time-outs and anger-management lessons.

The real spouse is even allowed to visit, to drop in on the spouse during the half-way point for a brief snack.  Staffing will also increase so this is a job  creator and rest assured the stand in caregiver is much more professional and expert than is the ordinary citizen.

In fact the Government of Canada is so enthused with the national strategy for Spousal Care that it is funding the spousal care centres directly! You don’t even have to be bothered with getting money and using it ways you may mistakenly prefer.  It is offering $30 billion to all provinces that set up the plan and making taxes fund it whether people use it or not. So it’s a win win for government. In this way society will be gently nudged, with appropriate incentives, into the state approved lifestyle.

Because we care about spouses and their wellbeing, centers of care by strangers show our commitment in a meaningful and ground-breaking way to the mental and physical health of our nation.

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