Universal Pet Care

Universal Pet Care

The federal election gives the public the chance to give feedback about laws that concern them and to endorse and nudge along already ambitious plans, One of these plans is for a national pet care program.  To ensure that Canadian pets have high quality care that is educational and developmental, a spot will be provided for every cat, dog, bird, goldfish and hamster in state provided care at only $10 a day.

The rest of the cost will be paid for by the state through a general increase in personal and corporate income tax. Many advantages of this program are cited, not only optimal care of pets by trained professionals but also freeing up Canadians to not languish at home spending time with their own pets.  Because the plan will require hiring thousands of new pet care providers, this is also an ambitious job creation plan that will help the economy rebound post pandemic.

Minister of Pet Care K. T. Gush has said that pets are the future of this country and a national pet care program is vital infrastructure to ensure the future wellbeing of the nation. She pointed out that individuals struggle with the costs of care of a pet and that this program will ensure that no pet is left behind and all will get equal standardized regulated care.  With penalties for not using the pet care centres such as public shunning if you walk your own dog, the program is cited as groundbreaking for the emancipation of pet owners to enable them to make useful contributions to society.

The minister has pointed out that this plan has been a long time in the making and had to endure fierce opposition. It has emerged victorious to finally reach the goals originally set in the 1970 Commission on the Status of Pets which when selectively quoted said that it might be useful to have an emergency shelter for pets. This will now become the norm, and such care will be the only care style funded in this great country.

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