Universal medical care

This federal election all political parties are promising more attention to the health needs of Canadians. Prime Minister Summer Waze has announced plans for a universal publicly funded health care system to be expanded to include all citizens.

The plan will provide $30 billion in federal funds, to be matched by $30 billion by the provinces, over five years. Since health care is a provincial responsibility Waze says she is only helping but the lion’s share of the funding will eventually move from the 50-50 arrangement to a 75-25 arrangement with the bulk of the funds coming from the provinces, as is already happening in the current health care plan.

The health care plan will cover any medical care in a flexible way as long as it is provided at the hospital regulated subsidized care centre, not in the street at an accident scene, factory site or private home, not while on vacation, gardening, or doing any sports activity or at a  mall or school or college.  In this way quality can be assured and tax dollars will not be wasted.

To qualify for the $10 a space hospital bed all citizens who break a leg will automatically be admitted.  With the growing numbers of cracks in sidewalks, icy streets and sports injuries,  the number of legs being broken is increasing so there is clearly demand for the service. This election campaign political leaders or all parties  point out that in view of this demand, the public clearly favors broken legs and government will do what it can to ensure that more legs can be broken.

Trained staff will ensure optimal care since the physical and emotional wellbeing of citizens is paramount in a caring society and no one should have to go into debt to pay for medical bills says candidate Terry Knot.

In this way all taxpayers will be automatically taxed at slightly higher rates to provide this world class care style.. To fund it current deductions for medical care expenses incurred in the home of equipment, supplies or medications will be discontinued so that use of the hospital setting will be seen as the most efficient way to tend the sick.

It is anticipated that costs will eventually go up for this service as salary demands increase which is theyplan budgets ensure that 80% of the money will go to salaries. The cost is worth it however, says leader I. D. Syde.  Health care a vital part of the economy’s infrastructure to have all the sick in hospital . In this way families will be spared the inconvenience of having to take time away from paid work to tend the sick and their tax dollars at the paid job can then  be efficiently used to fund the hospital system.

This election is a time of finally making dreams come true and keeping promises made long ago, said teary eyed candidate Carrie Onward.  In this way jobs will be created not only for hospital staff one per sick person, but also for a vital administration level to ensure that Canada has more people in hospital than do all other nations.

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