Universal liberation for women

Universal liberation for women

The federal election comes at a pivotal moment in history according to Status of Equal Gender Minister Bea Urself. She has noted that the equality economy and pandemic recovery require a new liberation of all genders to enter paid work in stunning new numbers.

The manta of second wave Gender Bias Destruction celebrated that all genders can do equal work and should be paid equally. The liberation to remove finally the oppression of those stuck at home enabled them through a series of perks to get that paid job preferentially, and then to get equal pay there. As the reverse discrimination was eliminated and all genders competed on their own merit, Urself says that a new vision of equality is being reached. Now anyone can pursue any education route, any trade, any career without obstacles.

To enable this the mini models, the fledgling citizens are a bit of a bother since they stand in the way of this upward climb. But Urself has a plan for them and it is to put them into locations where they can get taken care of, for 8 hours a day or longer, overnight and weekends if needed, so that the empowerment can begin.  The national plan for care of fledglings is well on the way and roundly endorsed by the paid staff there.

This liberation of all genders to  do any role is cited with teary eyed joy by advocates for equality rights at the factory. They cite how it is a liberation long in the making, and how to escape the role in the home, to reveal it for what it is as degrading and useless, is vital to the liberation.

Now all genders can be what they want, where they want, how they want, except of course, says Urself,  doing any traditional role in the home. Freedom to chose is what it is all about she says..  A small group of mothers and grandmothers, picketers outside her election office with signs reading ” What about us ?” was quickly whisked away by security staff. They were put in a compound nest to the care center for the mini fledglings.

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