Universal Laptop Care

Universal Laptop Care

The upcoming federal election gives the public a say in upcoming legislation.. The national plan for universal care of laptops at $10 a day is an ambitious plan reaching agreements in many provinces already. Under this plan the federal government will provide $30 billion over the next  5 years to make sure there is a spot at a care centre for every laptop in the country. Laptop owners need only pay $10 a day to ensure that highly trained staff can monitor the safety of the laptop and update it regularly with useful apps.  The rest of the cost will be subsidized by taxes, according to B. G. Bruder, party leader.

The plan is already widely endorsed by makers of laptops and tech companies who are contracted to provide much of the expertise for the program. Though a poll by Statistics Canada in 2015 and by Agnes Wright in 2021 it was found that 51.9% of Canadians take care of their laptops at home and 25% take them on buses, trains and in cars, but  those are not the ‘people who matter’ according to the minister of Universal Laptop Care. Focus groups, public consultations at closed door meetings with stakeholders and experts on care of cell phones have clearly shown that the public is in desperate need of this plan of substitute care of their laptops and that its time has come.

The new plan will be funded through general tax increase in the personal and corporate tax rate, and all citizens will get the chance to be part of this pivotal moment in history using technology in creative ways to liberate both men and women to be all they can be. Canada by such a plan will be a world leader in laptop care.

Those who do not entrust their laptops to the government care centres will not be breaking any laws but disincentives and penalties will be set in place to discourage them. The minister has indicated that they will be denied Internet access and be publicly shunned. In this way all will be able to be part of the visionary plan. In addition, provinces and territories that do not sign on to this agreement will miss out on billions of dollars of funding that is conditional on using this information highway and no other.

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