Nautical Launch of the Daycare Ship

This election Canadian voters are invited to take part in the making of history with a she-covery, correcting age-old injustices against women.  The ruling ruling party under Prime Minister Ryder Wave, has promised a feminist agenda and  already reports groundswells of support for the new $30 billion daycare plan for the nation’s young. In this way women languishing at home stuck with burdens of children will be able to sail forth to greater horizons, the sky is the limit and the weather is fine according to Liberal strategists.

Pre election all political party leaders weighed in on the childcare dilemma, wondering if care of children anchors society or weighs it down. The plan of preferred funding forcare away from parents initially got frosty reaction from voters, but the fog is lifting as candidates make clear they really really do value care of a child, says Ryder Wave.

The substitute caregiver will be a highly respected professional providing an essential service. An entire infrastructure of permanent oversight and management will be set up to ensure that these trained experts shower attention on the children in their care, one adult o five to fifteen children as the case may be.  They will be highly paid with salary, benefits and pensions for this is a demanding role in society, if done by nonparents.

Campaigner Bea Awl, of the NDP has long campaigned for such a system, and says the small token  trickles of recognition of the need for daycare have now become a strong current and it’s about time. She admits there are still some Childcare-climate hCange  deniers but most can be enticed to be now on board, all hands on deck, she says, to make this a reality.

The de-icing of critics was one challenge and another was the huge cost as thunder clouds generated by union strikes loomed on the horizon. However heavy investment will be made in staffing of the daycare cruise line coupled with significant reductions in cruise fees for clients.  Those parents not setting sail  on the daycare line will find their own benefits system has been beached, to assist the great launch of this visionary project. Awl points out that this is a joint effort from all levels of government to share the dream. All taxpayers will discover their taxes will pay for it even if they do not use it and in fact already are paying for it. It’s just that  amazing a storm of victory for the women’s rights movement, says Awl. 

Political pundit Bernie Kazzim, long time observer of women’s rights says this groundbreaking moment in history is consistent with the big push of 1970s second wave feminism to send out lifeboats for women at home. Though it does not recognize the 3rd wave to value also the care role at home, it is good enough he says.  He is after all a longtime observer, often called Tsar Kazzim.

The Titanic similarly launched with great dreams, as did the Hindenburg. We are at a pivotal moment in history.

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