National Daycare Space Building Program

National Daycare Space Building Program

In today’s news on the hustings for the federal election, Minister of Facing Reality  Mack Goo, announced his government’s plan to address the crying need for more childcare.

His government will invest $30 billion over 5 years to ensure that all children in the nation can benefit from early development. Quoting results from a recent study by Professor I. V. Towers he said research has proven that small children thrive and grow in an atmosphere well grounded on the ground.  He will ensure that all parents can secure a space for their offspring at the new low rate of $10 a day, to provide this grounding. Thousands of new parking stalls are already being measured and marked for these spaces across several provinces which have already chalked in the outlines of a deal.

This will prevent children from floating aimlessly in or near their own homes, vulnerable and at risk, says Goo.  The I. V. Towers Research Institute found in a study of 244 hand-painted 3 year olds that even middle class and wealthy children may be at risk,  which is why there will be flat fees of $10 for al income levels . All children can be left on their behind, equally, without socioeconomic bias.  Leaders of several other parties confirmed they too acknowledge the need for more childcare spaces so parents can themselves soar to greater heights  and not be tied down.  Single mothers in particular, who by definition bear only children at risk, will be able to access forgiveness for their childbearing, secure a well subsidized childcare space and themselves go out and earn minimum wage at a useful and productive job in society, said Childcare Space Authority Penn Entz.

Entz says the new ambitious plan is ground breaking as the new spaces are  being carved out, part of the basic infrastructure of every town, as vital as roads and bridges.. The plan is  part of the She-recovery says Minister of the Status of Women Bea Albright, speaking at a glass ceiling factory in Pickering Ontario. She told reporters that for years the plan of more spaces was stalled and she has been in labor for months nursing the idea of it.  Teary eyed, she said that setting up a national plan, confined for the moment  to Canada, may be pan-endemic for now but the idea is contagious and the model may serve as a template for the world.  Several parents and grandparents, babysitters and nannies,  seen in a small group picketing against the plan,  were quickly whisked away by security staff but not so far away that staff was unable to tax them to pay for it.

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