National Cellphone Care

National Celphone Care Plan

The federal election gives the nation one of its key democratic freedoms. to choose how they are governed.  The TrustUs Party is front and centre with its cellphone care plan and  on September 20th Canadians will go to the polls to freely choose if they endorse it.

The Trust Us Party under leader Just Watch Me, has promised an ambitious plan to provide a spot for every cellphone in the nation for $10 a day. This spot will be monitored by highly trained well paid staff offering high quality care  to ensure the safety of cellphones and to upload new apps on them for optimal  development.

In this way not only will cellphones get care citizens can trust, but this is also a job creator since thousands more cellphone centre staff will be hired. The TrustUs Party quotes surveys indicating that Canadians are not always competent to provide care of their phones and professionals are needed so that no cellphone is left behind.

In this way Canadians will be freed up to make meaningful contributions to society fully confident their cellphones are back at the centre, in good hands.

This ambitious program to remind Canadians to trust the state, is matched by a disincentive plan of penalties for those who do not use the centres. Those who do not will endure public scorn for being seen in public taking care of their own cellphones,

Minister in charge of Universal Cellphone Care,  I. Kno .Best  has also revealed that just in case some Canadians still want to provide care of their own cellphones, the new plan will make such misuse nearly impossible.  Money will go not go to Canadians so they might struggle with the decision but  instead directly to the cellphone care centre. In this way Canadians will be spared the burden of choosing poorly. .Minister Best says that by having a rigorous monitoring system of accountability and transparency of how many cellphones are at the cell phone centre, Canadians can rest assured this is a plan they can trust.

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