Feedback for the website

Thanks Beverly.

Ontario caregiver support group

Well done!

UK support group

What a huge effort and amount of work this must have been. I think there is a real need to examine caregiving more closely and this will undoubtedly be a great contribution to this discussion. I look forward to diving in here more to learn.

Canadian  care advocacy group


Thank you very much for thinking of our faculty and our students, and for sending the new equality and caregiving website information for the community’s information. I have shared the email with several of our faculty members who work in the area of caregiving and with students who focus on this important field. We appreciate your thinking of us and taking the time to send us an email.

We know that many will profit from using the knowledge and the information that is provided within the site.

US divinity school

 Many thanks for what looks like a most useful site– I’ll share it around.

US sociologist

 We appreciate you sharing this resource with us. A member of our team will review the resource and respond if we feel it would helpful to share the resource more broadly with our networks, or to let you know if we have any suggestions for improvement.

Thank you again and we look forward to taking a closer look at the resource you have shared.

Alzheimer support group

You are certainly doing important work.

seniors researcher

Thank you for creating this wonderful resource for women!!!

US women’s information network

Thanks very much for getting in touch and sharing your website with us. I had a look myself and really enjoyed reading about what you do.  

UK seniors’ group

Thank you for this information.

Good luck with this interesting project.

Caregiving advocate, Norway

 Thank you kindly for providing us with this information. I will make sure to pass it onto relevant bodies.

UK university research group

Thank you for reaching out. It sounds like you are working to create a wonderful resource for family caregivers!
Caregiver advocacy group, Canada

Thank you for the resource.
US disability rights group

This is great, thank you! 

US gender studies professor

Thank you so much for the work that you have put into this website!!     

 caregiver rights group, Canada

Fantastic website.  Congratulations.  I have shared with others.   Amazing resource.  Thank you.
UK women’s advocacy group

Thank you for sharing this, friend!

US church

I am connecting you with our Toronto office.  The information and resources may be relevant to our policy work.We  also have a caregivers advisory committee who may wish to take a look.

seniors’ advocacy group, US

Thank you for the work you do to advance caregiving’s important role in society. I will keep your website in my own professional list of resources. Have a great day! Take care.

patient care policy advisor US

Thank you for your email regarding a new website regarding recognition of the value to society of unpaid caregivers.  I share your perspective that the unpaid and too often unrecognized work of caregivers across British Columbia should be recognized and supported whenever possible.

I am grateful for your bringing this website and the issues it raises to my attention, as it caused me to reflect on the role of unpaid caregivers who are disproportionately women, and who are instrumental to the success of our province and our communities.  The timing of sharing this information with me on International Women’s Day is appropriate and appreciated.

an attorney general in Canada

Thanks for this website. Informative and helpful

National newspaper columnist, Canada

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