Thanks Beverley. Ontario caregiver group __________________ Many thanks for what looks like a most useful site– I’ll share it around.  US sociologist ______________________ This website is a masterpiece a Canadian lawyer _____________________ We appreciate you sharing this resource with us. A member of our team will review the resource and respond if we feel itContinue reading “Feedback”

Feedback about the site

This website has been created in stages. It was drafted compiling data from over 30 years of publication of an online newsletter about caregiving, from three studies done by the writer on the topic and from current online research. To get feedback about the site and its usefulness, some groups were informed before the officialContinue reading “Feedback about the site”

Remedies Sought

REMEDIES SOUGHT PRINCIPLES             -All citizens at various points in life are unable to take care of themselves and              need care             -Those who need care are full citizens in society and are worthy of respect and dignity             and input into the care they receive             -The care of the young, sick, handicapped,Continue reading “Remedies Sought”

One Page Solution

ONE PAGE SOLUTION 1.. Change the language             -enlarge definition of work to include unpaid care roles, domestic and volunteer roles             -include unpaid work in terms of worker, working mother, working couple             to include those who work in the home             -enlarge definition of childcare to include all care of children regardless ofContinue reading “One Page Solution”

Quotes – from other rights movements

QUOTES FROM OTHER RIGHTS MOVEMENTS Through history there have been many revolutions, to attain equality and address unfair treatment.  The ‘gaps’ between people have been addressed in many spheres. In the UK there are signs around the metro that remind people ‘Mind the gap”. The slogan is appropriate in many ways. There are many gapsContinue reading “Quotes – from other rights movements”

Quotes – Inspirations about Caregiving

QUOTES- INSPIRATIONS ABOUT CAREGIVING Children are the anchors that hold us to life. Sophocles 497- 406 BC We are not bound by any laws in which we have no voice or representation – Abigail Adams 1744 1818 There is no influence so powerful as that of the mother… Rights are liable to be perverted toContinue reading “Quotes – Inspirations about Caregiving”

Quotes – historical obstacles

QUOTES – HISTORICAL AND CURRENT BIASES Women have often been the brunt of insult, as well as praise. The care role in particular has been put on a pedestal as nurturing society  yet devalued in tax law for years. It may be instructive to examine some of the prejudices and stereotypes that have surfaced inContinue reading “Quotes – historical obstacles”