Beverley Smith is a women’s and children’s rights researcher and activist promoting equality, respect and dignity for all roles for men and women, paid and unpaid, and for the state to value the family side of the career family balance.

The international movement to support caregivers has no political or religious affiliation. It is not affiliated with any movements against institutional care, against gays, against abortion. It is a movement for choices and for the state to value choices of how to provide care of those we love.

Beverley Smith was named 1999 Calgarian of the Year by Business in Calgary magazine and has received a 2003 Queen’s Golden Jubilee award for her advocacy for unpaid labor, a 2009 award among 25 Top Canadians from CARP and a 2011 International Women’s Day Outstanding Service Award from the Women’s Information Network USA.

She has written thousands of letters to government, spoken on radio talk shows, headed a national charity, participated in rallies and petitions, met with government officials, made submissions to finance and other government committees, been speaker at events in Ottawa as a guest of MPs on Parliament Hill and in New York City to UN delegates and non-delegates.

She is an ordinary citizen. She counts among her dear friends fellow advocates she has met from around the world.

She is a graduate of the University of Calgary, a school teacher by profession, a mother of four and a grandmother.

Smith currently edits an online newsletter “Recent Research on Caregiving” which arrives without charge monthly to the inbox of those interested. It is noncommercial, by subscription only and associated with a national charity. It is never sent as spam.

To subscribe or unsubscribe contact bevgsmith@gmail.com.

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